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Today's Report

Fun Factor:

Location: C-Street
Size: Thigh/Occ. Waist
Surface: Choppy
Wind: ENE @ 5-15 Plus
High Tide: 10:18:00 AM
Low Tide: 4:19:00 PM
Water Temp: 59.4 °F
Sunrise: 6:36:00 AM
Sunset: 7:45:00 PM

Lunchtime Update:  The falling tide is swallowing it up a little. The same peaks are showing and breaking, but it's fattening out pretty quickly and losing all it's strength. The wind isn't helping keep the form at all. It's mostly 5-15 with an occasional 20 mph gust. There were a few guys out working hard for what they could. It was looking pretty difficult. There is still a chill in the air on the beach. Thankfully the rain is holding off. Keep checking back and checking the live HD cam for any changes.  .

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Sweetwater Marketplace
Wrightsville Beach, NC
WbLiveSurf - The Surfer's Source
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