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Wrightsville Beach, NC

Tower 7/WBlivesurf.com Scholarship Applications Now Available

Link to the application and more info on the scholarship is listed below.


Send all applications to:   

K-38 Inc.

C/O Tower 7/WBlivesurf Scholarship 

5410 Oleander Drive

Wilmington, NC 28403 


Tower 7/WBLivesurf Scholarship Fund 

Total Amount:  $2500.00 Per Recipient 

Disbursement:  Starting at the onset of the Fall semester with $1250.00 will be disbursed to student (with proof of registration and payment of tuition). Balance of $1250.00 provided at the end of Spring semester if appropriate academic progress is evident.  

Basic requirements: 

·        Undergraduate or Graduate full-time student

·        UNC-W Surfing Club member/active surfer

·        Active participant in one or more surfing related organizations such as Eastern Surfing Association, National Scholastic Surfing Association, and/or the Cape Fear Surfrider Chapter.

·        Registered with UNC-W Financial Aid with proven need of financial assistance, eg. FAFSA

·        Minimum of 2.5 GPA in high school and college (to maintain scholarship)  

Application Requirements: 

·        Cover letter outlining qualifications

·        Three letters of reference (at least one should be from an academic source and another from a surfing source.)

·        Any surfing photos, videos or supporting materials accepted

·        Interview with scholarship committee with the final three candidates  

Scholarship Committee: Josh Vach (owner, Tower 7)Tony Butler (owner, Wblivesurf.com)Dr. Antonio E. Puente (UNCW Professor of Psychology)Brian Tracy, Chair (former president of UNCW Surf Club) 

Scholarship Mentoring: Each recipient will meet with one or more members of the committee for complimentary dinner at Tower 7 towards or at the end of the semester to discuss progress and challenges, both academic and surfing.  Mentoring will be available throughout the year by committee members.    

Scholarship Management: 

  • The recipient of the scholarship will also be awarded a paid one year membership to The Surfrider Foundation.
  • We will expect the recipient to actively participate in UNC-Wilmington Surf Club and the local Cape Fear Surfrider Chapter activities throughout the year and meet with committee members periodically to report on what those activities were.
  • The Tower7/Wblivesurf Scholarship Fund is an Equal Opportunity Scholarship.


Scholarship Committee:  


Brian Tracy, Chairman:


A graduate of UNC-Wilmington (December 1986) with a B.A. in Political Science, Brian, a former president of the UNC-Wilmington Surfing Club has strong ties to the local surfing community from past years of competing and constant encouragement to the up and coming surfing talent. Brian is also a lifetime member of the Eastern Surfing Association.


Joshua Vach

Josh is a graduate of UNC-Wilmington (May 1987) with a B.S. in Economics/Finance from the Cameron School of Business. Josh is also a past president of the UNC-Wilmington Surfing Club and a longtime supporter of the Surfrider Foundation. His restaurants Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill, K-38 Baja Grill, Kiva Grill and Cafe Del Mar are all favorite hang out spots for the surfing crowd. Josh has been a generous supporter of numerous surfing related events in the community for many years.


Tony Butler 

Tony is a graduate of UNC-Wilmington (December 1997) with a B.S. in Geography. He is a managing partner of Sweetwater Surf Shop at Wrightsville Beach and also the owner/ administrator of the popular website for surfers, wblivesurf.com. Tony has also created a charitable foundation called “Hope from Helen” in honor of his late mother Helen Butler. The foundation contributes to many global and local charities.




Dr. Antonio E. Puente

Dr. Puente is a Professor of Psychology at UNC-Wilmington and founding advisor for the UNC-Wilmington Surfing Club. He is an avid surfer who still finds time in his busy schedule to chase a few waves.  Dr Puente is also an active member and supporter of the Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association.


Tower 7/ WBLivesurf Scholarship Fund: 

The idea of a scholarship for surfers was the work and brainchild of Joshua Vach.  He wanted to give back to the UNCW where he attended school as well as to the surfing community which he enjoys being a part of everyday. Josh decided to get a few friends involved to create a framework for the scholarship with all of us having a true passion for surfing as well as knowing the value of a college education and what it means for future success in life.


Our vision is to possibly add another scholarship in the coming years with the hope that we can have an even greater positive impact on young people who have a passion for surfing as well as understanding the importance of a higher education. We would also like to provide guidance and direction for the recipient of this scholarship if needed or accepted.


We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with the university in developing this scholarship and its future growth.



Thank You,


Brian Tracy


The Surf Club Scholarship

 Annually Funded Gift Agreement 


I:          Purpose

             The Surf Club Scholarship is hereby created as an annually funded scholarship at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  The scholarship is being created by current students and alumni who were members of the UNCW Surf Club, established in 1982 by Dr. Puente, a professor in the Department of Psychology.   

II:            Criteria         

            The scholarship is considered a merit scholarship and the recipient will be selected on demonstrated academic ability in accordance with the university’s criteria for the award of merit scholarships.  It is available to an incoming freshman at UNCW who holds a high school GPA of at least 3.67 and expresses an interest in surfing.


The Office of Admissions shall select the recipient using whatever committee structure or process approved by the Dean.  In accordance with university policy the Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Services makes all disbursements.


III:            Schedule of Contributions and Recognition 

            It is the intent of the donor(s) to fund the scholarship at ($2500 or more) annually.  The university must receive all scholarship gifts no later than March 15 each year to allow for selection and awarding of the scholarships.  All gifts to the fund are irrevocable.  


           The donor(s) and the recipient(s) shall be invited to the annual UNCW scholarship recognition event and the scholarship will be listed in appropriate publications to include the UNCW catalogue. 

 IV:            Administration 

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is a recognized tax exempt organization under IRS guidelines (UNCW Tax ID 56-1258660).  All policies and procedures of UNCW shall be followed in the management of this fund.


Any individual, organization, corporation or foundation may make additions to the Fund at any time and such additions shall be made subject to the provision of this instrument.  All gifts to the Fund are irrevocable.

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