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Wrightsville Beach, NC

The Go Fish by Rob Machado is Almost Here!

Firewire Newsletter
Rob Machado's Go Fish
Click this image to watch Rob fly fast on the Go Fish in Hurley's new video. 
The Go Fish is only weeks away from arriving at surf shops everywhere.

With perfect timing Hurley has released a video of Rob surfing it that makes our jaws drop.
Click this image to explore Go Fish dimensions (and watch Rob surf it).
Our favorite parts are the first wave he catches (wow it looks fast) and the turn he does at 1:21 (you can almost feel the slide beneath his feet when you watch it).

You can explore dimensions for the first time and see more photo and video by clicking here.
Life is a Wave
You can join us at Life is a Wave by clicking here.
We were surprised and honored to hear that Save The Waves Coalition has named Firewire the "Wave Saver Business of the Year."

The best part? You can join us in San Francisco next month at their annual Life is a Wave event to see the award show go down yourself.

For more info and tickets, click here.
Enhance the surfing experience. Innovate surfboard shape and materials. Focus on improving the eco-friendliness of surfboard production. 

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