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The Wire-Firewire's Podcast ft. Firewire's CEO Mark Price and Summer Dominator Vibes

A college class about the Surfboard Industry
Ever wish you could study subjects that actually interest you? Now you can.
If you like Ted Talks, Keynotes and lectures at Universities about things that actually interest you, you might really enjoy this hour longview inside the surfboard industry, courtesy of Mark Price.

We think you'll like watching it over tonight's nightcap or tomorrow'sA.M. coffee. 
Click to watch it. This presentation drew around a hundred students and faculty, and they asked great questions at the end.
If Loyola Marymount University offered a degree in Surfboard Industry Management, this would be the first class during Freshmen year.

It covers what the surfboard industry is, how it works, and the ways that the surfboard industry is changing. But it gets into much more as well, such as the future of fin design, what it takes to build a Firewire surfboard and what may be next for the World Surf League.
Acting professor for the evening; Mark Price.
Summer is Dominator Season
Surf trunks and towels. And a Helium Dominator (with a Chumlee behind it).
For some of us at Firewire, Summertime means more than just surf trunks here in California. It means Dominator.


Because the shape is a proven outline with updated dimensions - the best of round tails and needle noses from the 90's and 00's, with a forward thinking approach to volume distribution.

It's fatter, fuller and more floaty than most other shapes with similar outlines, and that means easier wave catching, easier speed generation and easier surfing for those of us who want a shortboard in the weak but fun waves up and down the coast all Summer. 
Ready for wax and traction. The Dominator is one of our favorite Summer shortboards.
Want to explore dimensions on this shape? You'll find those here. And you'll find Dominators in most any surf shop you walk into in July. 
Enhance the surfing experience.

Innovate surfboard shape and materials.

Focus on improving the eco-friendliness of surfboard production. 
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