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Sweetwater Marketplace
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Dead Crow Comedy Event / Benefit 9/10/17


It's easy to feel discouraged and saddened by recent displays or hatred and bigotry (ignorance). If I've learned anything over the past couple of years, though, it's that it's infinitely more important to focus on the seed of the positive often found in what we see as negative. It is important to know that for every white supremacist filled with fear and pain (that's what that is) there are countless people filled with compassion and empathy. 

There is still more love than hate. There is still more good than bad. We still have more to be grateful for than we do to commiserate about. Those dark places and spaces can provide us motivation and fuel for good and for change but we must not give them our energy or stay in those places for too long. It's ok to step into that heavy darkness and to feel it and to use it to propel you forward into changing what you can but do not stay there. Staying there makes you part of the darkness and you are more powerful than that.

This show will be a chance for kind, caring and compassionate people, truth seekers and change makers to come together and feel that energy from each other and know you are not alone. This will be a chance for 100 people to laugh together and enjoy humor and the present moment knowing that the money you paid to get in will help to provide meals, homes and resources for people who have lost literally everything and some who never had anything to lose.

Most of the individuals and families who come through the refugee resettlement programs have spent the better part of two decades in refugee camps with dirt floors and tarps for roofs without running water or electricity. Many of them were born into the camps and have never known anything but that. Interfaith Refugee Ministry in Wilmington sets up refugee families with a nice safe place to live, groceries, furniture, pots, pans and plates, English lessons, rides to job interviews, help with bus routes, tutors for kids and so much more. This is an agency that is working all day every day to make a real and tangible difference for displaced people right here where we all live. Like all good causes, they are underfunded and on a shoe string budget. These extra donations make a big impact.


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