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Sweetwater Marketplace
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Today's Report


Fun Factor:

Location: C-Street
Size: Thigh/Waist/Rare Stomach High?
Surface: Bumpy/ Semi-Clean Faces
Wind: NE @ 10-20
High Tide: 6:41:00 AM
Low Tide: 1:02:00 PM
Water Temp: 76 °F
Sunrise: 7:08:00 AM
Sunset: 6:50:00 PM

Lunchtime Update:  Looking a little bit better behind the shop now. It seems like it's built some out there with most waves still coming in around the thigh to waist high range but I saw a few waves that might have been pushing stomach high. There were a few guys out now catching some decent little waves but you'll definitely want something with some extra float to get into them. A lot of them still didn't have much of a line to it but something to mess around on for sure. Bumping it up to 1.5 logos but some of the sets could be 2 if you're patient/get lucky. Check back later this afternoon to see if anything changes.

*Bunker 77 movie premiere date change!*  We had to move the date back a little to suit the world premiere a little better.  New date is now November 2nd at 8pm!  Check out the site  to reserve your tickets and see a sneak preview!

More men's wetsuit tops, spring suits, and ss fulls from Hurley just arrived for these chilly mornings!  Come grab one before they're gone!

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  • No Logos = Flat or Really Bad. Pretty much unrideable! A good time to get other things done.
  • 1 Logo = Rideable but not good form. Might not be worth the time or effort but there could be a few okay waves.
  • 2 Logos = Could be fun. Rideable and a few okay waves to be ridden.
  • 3 Logos = Fun! Better than the average day. Worth paddling out depending on the surface conditions.
  • 4 Logos = Really fun. Paddle out if you can. One of the better days of the year.
  • 5 Logos = Rare Epic or All Time conditions. Quitting work or skipping school is an option but not encouraged. Why are you still reading the report! Paddle out now!

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